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We Buy Houses In Indianapolis

Need To Sell Sell Your House Fast In Indianapolis? We Buy Houses As-Is For Cash. Our Simple Home Buying Process Is Fast And Will Save You Thousands In Unnecessary Commissions, Fees, Repairs, And Eliminate Frustration-Filled Hours Of Your Life!

Virtue Cash Buyers Introduction

We Buy Houses in Indianapolis! Virtue Cash Buyers is a small family-run cash home buying company. We buy houses in Indianapolis, IN for cash. We specialize in alleviating many of life’s challenging and unforeseen situations for homeowners by purchasing their homes. We make selling your house incredibly simple! Pay ZERO fees or commissions of any kind, make ZERO repairs or updates before selling, and get CASH in as little as 7 days!

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“I am so glad that I called Virtue when it came time to sell my parent’s house. They were polite, professional, and great to work with every step of the way. The house needed a lot of work and had the potential to be costly and personally exhausting for my family. Instead, working with Virtue kept the process upbeat and surprisingly easy! I cannot recommend them enough.

– Ken T. [Indianapolis, Indiana]

Sell Your House The Fast and Simple Way

As cash buyers having worked with countless homeowners through the years, we’ve solved every problem under the sun. From needing to sell due to work relocation, to probate, to unwanted inherited properties, to foreclosures and landlords tired of their rental properties, we’ve seen it all…

Divorce Settlements

Job Transfers and Relocations

Unwanted Inherited Properties

Seniors Needing to Move to Assisted Living

Landlords Tired of Rental Headaches

Avoiding Foreclosure / Behind on Payments

Home Needing Heavy Repairs

Fire, Mold, Water, or Structural Damage

If you can relate to any of the situations above or have another reason you are needing to sell your property, we are the home buyers for you!

How Do I Sell My House For Cash In Indianapolis?

We cut the agents and banks out of the equation- meaning no appraisals or approvals from third parties. Moreover, WE want to fix up the house- meaning you don’t need to repair, clean, or update a thing. Fortunately, selling your house to us couldn’t be easier!

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Learn exactly how we calculate our offers and how our process works. The behind-the-scenes!

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We know just how important the human connection is, so… get to know us!

Get Your Cash Offer

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Selling Your House Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful!

While we’ve been buying houses for cash for years, we understand that the sale of a home is only done a couple of times, at most, in the average person’s lifetime. Thus, given the unfamiliarity for most people, not only does the process feel intimidating, but the fact that it revolves around one of life’s biggest assets adds further pressure and stress. We understand this, and our goal is not only to make things as easy and simple as possible for you when selling to us, but to also guide you through the entire process along the way and provide the best experience.

Leave The Mess! We’ll Clean Up!

Take from the house only what you want, and we’ll dispose of the rest! No need to hire a moving crew or take unwanted things to the dump

Don’t Repair Or Update A Thing!

Shag carpet from the 70’s or wallpaper in the kitchen? Old broken windows or blown away siding? Yup, leave it! We buy the house in the as-is condition!

No Open Houses Or Countless Showings!

Forget needing to have 43 showings before selling or holding open houses every weekend after having to tidy up the home beforehand. We’re the ones buying your house, so our team is the only one walking through it!

Close When YOU Want!

Want to close in 45 days? In a pinch and need to close in 7 days instead? You got it- we accommodate a timeline that works for you!

No Need For A Real Estate Agent!

We’re not here to list your house, we are here to buy it! Because of this, you save on having to pay thousands of dollars in unnecessary real estate commissions!

… And No Need To Pay Closing Costs, Either!

We got that handled as well! We pay all of the closing costs and fees that the title company charges you. As a result, for you, selling is entirely free!

I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I was to work with Alain to get my property sold. Once he reached out to me we had a few hiccups that he had to get taken care of and he did so professionally and quickly and I was finally able to get my house sold. I would recommend anyone to give him the opportunity to work his magic.

– Michael B

Family-Owned Cash House Buyers

We are a local and family-owned home buying company, and you can be sure that we will treat you as if you were part of it! You can feel confident that you are in the best hands when working with us. Our main priority is to understand your unique situation and provide you with the best solution possible, buying your house quickly and hassle-free.

Reach out to us below and let us solve your problem!

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People Love Us And We Know You Will Too!

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Landlords, Sell Your Tenanted Or Vacant Property!

It’s Saturday and you’re out to dinner with your family when you get a call from your tenant- the upstairs bathroom is leaking onto the downstairs ceiling or a tree limb fell on the roof. Again.

Or… you’ve received your second nuisance letter form the city warning you that the trash outside your property hasn’t been cleaned up or the lawn hasn’t been mowed in weeks. “Great,” you think, “another fine.”

Or worst yet… it’s been a few months and you haven’t received the rent payments you need in order to be able to cover your mortgage, and you’re forced to evict. Court costs, time wasted, missed payments, and a property requiring thousands to make rent-ready again.

We know because we’ve gone through the same situations plenty of times ourselves. We know just how difficult the rental business can be! If you want to be done with the rental headaches or have had a long career in the rental business and it’s the right time for you to move on, we can alleviate those headaches or provide a smooth transition out of the business by buying your property. The best part is that we don’t need you to vacate the tenant before selling! We’ll buy your property for Cash, in the AS-IS condition, WITH a tenant in place!

No Need To Clean Or Repair A Thing… We Buy As-Is!

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Perhaps Mom or Dad are moving to senior living, and after living in the house for 20 years, they have accumulated a lot of things that are no longer needed or wanted. Perhaps you had long-term tenants move out recently and the house is in need of deferred maintenance and updating. No matter the reason why there might stuff left behind at the house or repairs and updates to make- don’t worry, we’ll handle it! We buy the property as we see it, in the as-is condition, regardless of what it needs.

We Are Happy You Are Here!

We truly appreciate you taking the time to stop at our site and read about our company, about us, and about how we can be of service. Ultimately, we strive to alleviate any stress you are feeling by purchasing your home. We are always thrilled to hear from every single person that reaches out to us, and we look forward to hear from you! There’s absolutely no obligation required of you before or after talking with us, and we’re happy being an option for you to consider. Reach out to us below! We’re confident you’ll be glad you did!

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There Isn’t A Better, Easier, More Convenient Way To Sell Your House Fast

Virtue Cash Buyers is a cash home buying company in Indianapolis. For years, Virtue Cash Buyers has been the go-to choice for countless homeowners looking for a convenient and reliable solution to their home selling needs. While primarily buying houses in the Mid West, mainly Indiana and Missouri, we provide our services nationally. No matter if you’ve inherited a property you don’t want, are a landlord who is fed up and done with the rental business, going through a divorce, handling probate, or assisting a parent or a loved one transition into assisted or senior living, we are here to help. So if you find yourself in any situation where selling your property can alleviate any of life’s stressors, please reach out to us!