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How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash in Indy?

We’re not listing your house- we’re the ones buying it! And better yet, we buy with cash. As a result, we eliminate the headaches of a traditional home sale- real estate agents, banks, appraisers, inspectors- and truly make the process easy and fast for you. Here’s how…


step one

Fill Out The Form

Tell us some basic information about the property to get us started

step two

Get Your Cash Offer

We will contact you to introduce ourselves and get some additional information in order to determine and go over your offer

step three

Get Paid

If our offer works for you, we close at a title company and you leave with a check in hand!

Alain and his team have been amazing to work with! He is very honest and at the end of the day just wants to help. I always felt like he had my back and gave me the option to decide without being pushy. In the end, I couldn’t have been happier and highly recommend!

– Neil G. [Indianapolis, IN]

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We dislike pushy sales (don’t most of us?)- and as a result, we’re not here to sell you on anything. Either we can be of help in buying your burdensome property or help you through your current challenging situation or we can’t. It’s as simple as that. And because of this, we don’t have any fancy wordsmithing or clever pitches to convince you to sell your house to us. That just wastes both our time and leaves nothing but a sour taste in your mouth.


Our preferred approach is transparency and honesty. We’re an open book, and we’d like for you to know exactly what you’re signing up for and exactly how things work under the hood. We know just how daunting selling a house can be, and this understanding will provide you with the reassurance and confidence you need. So here is how it all works!

How We Calculate Your Cash Offer

In keeping our promise to you of transparency and honesty, here’s exactly how the magic happens behind the scenes:

It Boils Down To The MATH!

… that frankly, a fifth grader could do (talk about a hit to the ego…) Our easy-to-follow formula looks like this:

[Cash Offer] = [ARV] – [Repair Costs] – [Selling Costs] – [Min. Profit]

So… What Does It All Mean?

Here’s what we’re working with when we break down the formula’s individual pieces:

ARV: The ARV is the “After Repair Value.” This refers to how much we think we can sell the property for AFTER we fix it up (think HGTV)! In order to determine this number, we take a look at recent sales of similar properties in the neighborhood to see what they’re selling for in a fixed-up condition.

Repair Costs: “Repair Costs” are all the expenses associated with the process of actually fixing up the property AFTER we buy it from you. This includes materials purchased for the project, what we have to pay our contractors and our crews, as well as the taxes and the insurance expenses that accumulate during the time that the property is being worked on.

Selling Costs: While we do save you on real estate commissions and closing costs when we buy your property, we do have to pay these when we sell the property after it’s fixed up, among other things. Our selling costs are made up of commissions, closing costs, and additional holding costs that we incur while we wait for the property to sell, and in total usually add up to 10% of the final selling price. So, our “Selling Costs” are roughly 10% x ARV.

Profit: We are a business after all, and we would never hide the fact we need to make money to not only keep the lights on at the office, pay our crews and contractors and everyone involved, but also be able to feed our families and keep a roof over their heads. If you also run a business, you understand! And if you work for one, your job affords you the same blessings, so you understand too. Again, transparency!

We Take Pride In Turning Someone’s Problem Property Into Another Family’s Dream Home!

It is incredibly rewarding to us to not only be able to solve our seller’s problem, but to then be able to provide a wonderful house the next family can call home and create lovely memories in- talk about a win-win-win!

Now, to put it all together!

To fully understand the math, let’s walk through an example:

Let’s say that similar houses to yours are selling for $300k AFTER they’ve been fixed up (“rehabbed,” as you’ve likely heard before on HGTV). Now, let’s also say that it will take us $75k to get your house (now our house, since we’re presumably doing the work to it AFTER we’ve bought it from you) looking the way those other houses do, and that to sell it after we’re finished, we will have to pay the selling costs mentioned above to do so. Lastly, in order to help other homeowners in the future, we need to account for profit to keep the business running.


After Repair Value = $300k

Cost of Repairs = $65k

Selling Costs = $300k x 10% = $30k

Assume Our Needed Profit For This House = $45k

Your Offer = $300k – $65k – $30k – $45 = $160k

Your Cash Offer would $160k

It’s that simple!

All of our cash offers are based on this easy math. You can be confident that our offers aren’t made at random or pulled out of a hat. The math allows us to arrive at an offer that works for us– and if the offer also works for you, then fantastic!! We then simply set up a date and time to close and you walk out of the title company with cash in hand!


We know that at the end of the day, YOU can do all this yourself. 

You can buy materials, tools, and swing the hammer, or find labor that can help and deal with contractors…

You can invest months of your life into the project, accumulate more property taxes, and pay for more insurance…

You can then sell with a real estate agent and pay the commissions and closing costs yourself…


The important question is- do you want to?

If having to do any of these things doesn’t make you giddy or excited like a kid on his birthday, then let US handle them! Our one goal is to help by providing a simple and convenient solution so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble and can move on with your life.

I am a Landlord with several rental properties and I receive calls every day from companies wanting to purchase investment property. I have never been able to agree on terms until selling a house with Virtue. They made an initial inquiry, followed up with a very fair offer and completed the sale exactly as they had told me from the beginning. There were no disagreement about terms and the closing occurred just as they said it would. I was very happy with how smooth everything went. Virtue has a great group of professionals and are a pleasure to work with.

– William C [Indianapolis, IN]

We Are Happy You Are Here!

We truly appreciate you taking the time to stop at our site and read about our company, about us, and about how we can be of service. Ultimately, we hope to help you in whatever capacity we can and be able to alleviate any stress you are feeling by purchasing your home. We are always thrilled to hear from every single person that reaches out to us, and we look forward to hear from you! Don’t forget, we’re here to help if we can. There’s absolutely no obligation required of you before or after talking with us, and we’re happy being an option for you to consider. Reach out to us below! We’re confident you’ll be glad you did!

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There Isn’t A Better, Easier, More Convenient Way To Sell Your House Fast

Virtue Cash Buyers is a cash home buying company in Indianapolis. For years, Virtue Cash Buyers has been the go-to choice for countless homeowners looking for a convenient and reliable solution to their home selling needs. While primarily buying houses in the Mid West, mainly Indiana and Missouri, we provide our services nationally. No matter if you’ve inherited a property you don’t want, are a landlord who is fed up and done with the rental business, going through a divorce, handling probate, or assisting a parent or a loved one transition into assisted or senior living, we are here to help. So if you find yourself in any situation where selling your property can alleviate any of life’s stressors, please reach out to us!